Based on the success of boozy kickball leagues and “glamping,” some childhood favorites are benefitting from an adult spin. But as Hollywood remakes of classic ‘80s films have shown us, not every beloved adolescent memory is treated with the love and care it deserves. We’re looking at you, Karate Kid.

Luckily, a handful of New York joints are reworking traditional kiddie treats for more seasoned taste buds, and the results are anything but snooze-inducing. Whether it’s made-from-scratch ingredients, alcohol additions, or a hybrid of two of your favorite things (to devour during Saturday morning cartoons, that is), the adult sugar rush scene is thriving. Read on for the best places to relive your childhood—questionable outfits and prepubescent awkwardness not included.

Inspired by a family bake sale, this husband-and-wife run shop focuses solely on slinging gourmet riffs on Rice Krispies treats. Starting with made-from-scratch marshmallows infused with innovative flavors such as cheesecake and bubblegum, Treathouse adds extras like ground espresso beans or toasted mini marshmallows, and top the squares with everything from candied lemon rind to white chocolate birthday candles.

Pop Bar
With sweltering temperatures, nothing is quite as palpable as the desire to run to (and then possibly run through) the window at the first sound of the ice cream man. But we'd strongly suggest that you consider taking your popsicle game to the next level at Pop Bar, which encourages playing with food. Add “poppings” like coffee grains or shredded coconut to your all-natural, hand-crafted gelato on a stick, before giving it a swirl into any of the three dipping chocolates.

Pearl and Ash
Yes, even hipsters were kids once too, and they flock to Pearl and Ash for its boozy twist on the ice cream sandwich when they’re waxing nostalgic. The small plates restaurant offsets the medicinal taste of Fernet-infused ice cream by sandwiching it between two chocolaty layers, and seals the whole deal in wax paper marked with a smiley face—a much simpler way to end the evening than sneaking into your parents’ liquor cabinet.

The Bakery at the General
For anyone who experimented with questionable food pairings in their younger days, we promise you won’t regret taking a bite out of these cereal-donut hybrids. Pastry chef Thiago Silva focused on mimicking each cereal in the filling to meld flavors such as Cocoa Puffs and Fruity Pebbles, and tops each donut with the real deal. Grab a box of mini donuts, and you’re ready to settle in with your favorite Saturday morning ‘toons.