Breaking Bad, a.k.a the greatest TV show of all time,* may only have one episode left (gasp), but you best believe we'll be savoring every last minute of drama-filled, cinematic wonder. Across our fair city, businesses are celebrating, weekend by weekend, each packed with more free screenings and suspiciously smooth blue candy than the one before it. Heck, the Museum of the Moving Image even has an entire exhibit dedicated to the monumental series.

If we're being honest with ourselves (which we'd prefer to do), we're practically dying to learn how it's all going to go down. Will Heisenberg pull it off? Will Junior/Flynn eat more breakfast? Will Skylar (finally) disappear? You don't know. We don't know. So let's all learn together, at any of these five fine viewing parties — the best we've seen this side of Albequerque.

Here’s where to go on Breaking Bad Day (formerly known as “Sunday”) for the best fix:

The Gate
The word is you can get $4 “Schraderbrau” pints during the show, and we’ve heard that the audience often leaves with bags of mysterious blue rock candy... you didn't hear this from us, but you're welcome.

Sons of Essex
This Lower East Side spot has been known to offer up a mighty fine “Walter White” cocktail, and, prep yourself folks, Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken. We think Gus would approve, and we certainly do.

Pine Box Rock Shop

This Bushwick joint promises to show every episode on its 96-inch screen (fine by us) and also has some wallet-friendly “Blue Sky” cocktails for 4 bucks, along with test-tube shots for 3. If you're feeling particularly cerebral, they bust out Breaking Bad trivia during commercial breaks – with some pretty sweet prizes, too.

This video rental store turned awesome movie-watching spot is hosting not one but two, count 'em, two, viewings of each new episode on Sunday nights in their screening room. If you can’t make it for the 9 p.m. showing, stop in for the 10:15 encore. No spoilers allowed.

The Monro Pub
This South Slope watering hole doesn’t mess around on Breaking Bad night. They’ve got three TVs, surround sound, and $3 domestics to get you through the craziest moments – you know the ones, where you're on the edge of your seat, literally and metaphorically, aaaaaand then the credits roll.

*Opinions may differ in this regard, but we'd rather not hear them.