There’s a jamboree afoot in Brooklyn. Imagine, if you will, a single warehouse housing a combination of art, music, food, local goods, games, and sports. Sound too good to be true? Co-founders of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Belvy Klein and Aaron Broudo, have it all in store for you, and they’ve distilled their brilliant concoction down to a brand new permanent location right on the Greenpoint/Williamsburg border.

One thing Klein wants you to be clear on. “We're not a flea market. We're a combination club/concert venue, art gallery, interactive game space (ping pong, mini golf, indoor soccer, etc), bar, restaurant, and night market all in one. We're a completely different animal.”

Like so many things in life, the idea for the Bazaar was inspired from a sunset. “Aaron was inspired to do the Bazaar by traveling in Southeast Asia and seeing these large-scale night markets all over the place.” Skeptical of the idea at first, Belvy gave it some dedicated thought and a twist. “If we did it right, do it at night, give it more of a club or concert feel — you know, basically make it sexy — it could really be something.”

Now four years strong, the market is growing into their own permanent digs on 165 Banker Street, formerly an old bakery. “The idea always was to have a permanent space,” Klein explains. But as we all know, there isn’t a bevy of large, vacant warehouses in Brooklyn. “When we found this location and space, we jumped on it.”

Every Friday and Saturday night from 6 p.m. to midnight, the space will open its doors as the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, with eats from 20 food vendors, along with art, vintage finds and jewelry from 100 local craftsmen. Attendees can grab a bite from Brooklyn favorites such as Rosamunde, Lobster Joint, Oaxaca Taquerias, Briskettown, Morris Grilled Cheese, or Ample Hills Creamery. Goods from Noli Noli, RHLS, Eagle St Rooftop Farms, Bushwick Print Lab, and Greenpoint Trading Company are also on hand. And as if we needed another reason to check it out, the space is in walking distance from McCarren Park, Brooklyn Bowl, Output, Brooklyn Brewery, Paulie Gee’s.

To break in the new space properly, the duo has arranged for an impressive lineup to bring on the dance party. We’re talkin’ Spankrock, Psychic TV (their only 2013 appearance on the East Coast), Frankie Rose, Slow Knights/Del Marquis (of Scissor Sisters fame), Bear Hands, Kitty Pryde, A Place To Bury Strangers, Small Black, and Splashh (in their only US appearance), to name a few. Different breed, indeed.