While we may never hope to graduate from our tiny apartments into actual, you know, livable spaces, the Sunday iteration of Brooklyn’s popular Smorgasburg has done the almost impossible and moved on up into expanded digs at Pier 5. After spending a year at DUMBO’s Tobacco Warehouse, the artisanal food market traded up to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s newly revamped pier last month, and is already making good use of the space. Even insane winds last weekend didn’t deter the hungry masses, which lined up for favorites—think Milk Truck’s grilled cheese sandwiches and Dough’s signature gigantic doughnuts—from more than 70 vendors.

Still haven’t checked out the new spot? You’ve got a few more weekends until the Sunday market packs up for the year. Head down through November 24 and sample some of our favorite bites, detailed below. In addition to ample seating on benches and wooden crates, the new location affords prime skyline vistas of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s food with a view, and the perfect way to remain in denial about the dropping temperatures and end of the year’s outdoor festivals. We know winter’s coming, but try not to hide out inside just yet.

Vegan báhn mi from The Regal Vegan
Vegan food sometimes doesn’t get the props it deserves (we think it has something to do with raw tofu’s less than appealing texture), but The Regal Vegan slings out sandwiches so good we hardly miss the meat. The báhn mi features the company’s signature “faux gras” in place of duck liver, tucked inside crusty bread alongside tangy pickled vegetables and fresh cilantro. Seriously, guys, what’s in that paté?

Wood-fired pizza from Pizza Moto
It takes some effort—and, presumably, some figurative cojones—to drag out a wood-burning oven to Brooklyn Bridge Park every weekend, and the least you can do is reward Pizza Moto’s effort by ordering one its wood-fired pizzas. The Neapolitan-style pies exit the oven with a blistered crust and smoky flavor, which complements toppings ranging from bacon jam and purple onion to Italian goat cheese and pancetta.

Wings from Dan & John’s Wings
Only available at Smorgasburg, the chicken wings are fried to crispy perfection in soybean oil and then tossed to order in your choice of sauce. Each order is served with blue cheese, celery, and as many napkins as you need to remove the orange tint from your fingers. Stay on the safe side and opt for mild sauce, or go crazy and try the aptly named ‘insane’ version. We hear taste buds grow back eventually.

Maple lemonade from Rockville Market Farm
Sure, it may be 35 degrees outside, but it’s worth dropping your internal body temperature a few notches for an icy cup of Rockville’s lemonade. Made with maple syrup from Vermont and driven from the state each weekend, the drink’s well worth the $4, if only for the warm greeting from owner Eric Rozendaal.

Stick toffee trifle from Butter & Scotch
It’s hard not to love a vendor with the Twitter handle @drunkbakers, especially when it’s selling an insanely popular sticky toffee trifle out of what appears to be a large punchbowl. Stop by early in the day to make sure you get a glass, or grab a slice of the equally delicious s’mores pie if it sells out.

All-in-one cookie from S’more Bakery
Speaking of s’mores, S’more Bakery specializes in the campfire favorite. You can always go classic with the S’morgasm—a bourbon-vanilla bean marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers and spread with ganache—but it’s worth getting the ingredients in cookie form. The all-in-one features salted oats, chocolate chunks and marshmallow, with crispy edges and a soft center (the ideal cookie combo).

Black and white cookie from Lassen & Hennig’s
Lassen & Hennig’s takes the classic two-toned pastry to new heights, frosting each cookie to order. Go traditional with equal parts chocolate and vanilla frosting, or get the whole thing topped with your favorite flavor. Diabetes has never tasted so good.

Honorable mention: Bon Chovie
While we couldn’t try everything, since no person should consume more than 100 different menu items, Bon Chovie—self-described “purveyors of seafood and rock ‘n’ roll”—definitely wins for best name. We plan on working our way up to the “jersey style” anchovies, served with heads and tails, on our next visit.