Friday, November 15, 9 p.m.
The Daft Punk Tribute

Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, Manhattan

This wondrous digital duo is a sight to behold live in concert — if we’re lucky. With no tour on schedule for their latest album, Random Access Memories, we’re all left hungerin’ for a chance to shake our tail-feathers with fellow Daft Punk fanatics. Hunger no more, people. This Daft Punk tribute should appease the pangs (or at least subdue them) with a live 8-piece band, complete with horn section, rhythm section, vocals and electronics all for our dance floor pleasure. Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 on the day of the show.

Deal nearby: Tavern on Jane

Saturday, November 16, 10 p.m.
Party Like It’s 1999: Let’s Space Jam

The Bell House, 149 7th Street, Brooklyn

 Remember when Michael Jordan played baseball and shot hoops with Looney Toons? Ah, the ‘90s. This Saturday the 16th marks exactly 18 years since the release of Space Jam on the big screen. So come party like it’s about to be Y2K and all of our electronics will violently turn against us with plenty of jams from the era of flannel and career comebacks. It’s free to attend, but we’d say ‘90s-clad folks get extra brownie points.

Deal nearby: Claudine’s

Saturday, November 16, 12 p.m. through
Sunday, November 17, 4 a.m.
The NYC Beerathon 2013

Various Locations

 We don’t blame you for not running the marathon. (But, hey, serious props here to everyone who did.) There's the running, the training, the pain, and oh good lord, did we mention the running? That’s why we’ve got a different workout in mind: the NYC Beerathon. Inspired by the bona fide ING New York Marathon, the Beerathon takes its athletes zooming (or shuffling along in a boozy manner) on a course to try 26 beers at 26 venues. Test your fortitude while tasting some great brews. Tickets are $85.

Deal nearby: Nomad

Saturday, November 16, 1 p.m.
Sunday, November 17th, 1 p.m.
Cakewalks at Momofuku Milk Bar

Momofuku Milk Bar Upper West Side, 561 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan
Momofuku Milk Bar Carroll Gardens, 360 Smith Street, Brooklyn

People are always saying that life ain’t a cake walk – but sometimes it really is. And sometimes it comes with a free cake from Momofuku Milk Bar. Swing by the Upper West Side location on Saturdays at 1 p.m. or the Carroll Gardens location on Sundays at 1 p.m. for a chance to sign up. Each participant is invited to walk, dance, shake or shuffle to the music. When the music stops, whoever sits down in the winning seat gets to go home with their very own 6” Birthday Cake. We’ll be running over to this walk.

Deal nearby: Verde on Smith