One of the benefits of drinking is that it can (ahem) loosen inhibitions, but if your night needs even more social lubricant, head to the Museum of Sex’s new bar Play. As you’d expect from a watering hole adjacent to a museum celebrating all things coital, Play cuts straight to the chase, curating an atmosphere conducive to letting your more primal instincts take the lead. Whether it’s licking a cocktail off a skin-like plate or sipping a drink crafted to resemble a part of the female anatomy, Play’s definitely not for the easily scandalized. (Or visiting relatives. Sorry, Mom.)

Located past the museum’s coffee bar, Play looks innocent enough at first glance. Screens on the wall play art videos, bookshelves line tufted leather seating and a purple-lit bar sits in the back. But a closer inspection reveals a more intimate feel—the videos are highly suggestive, the tomes are of the adult variety and the bar’s drinks sport racy names like Loose Women & Pickpockets and Drive-in Saturday.

Select from three categories of drinks—demure, curious or kinky—or opt for the much buzzed about Pareidolia, a viscous white cocktail served on a ribbed plate meant to resemble skin. A bit much for the solo imbiber to swallow, the drink is best split with friends, who can each lick their portion off the plate as the cocktail’s designer Bart Hess intended. If you prefer sipping but still want to have a little fun, order the Rosebud, which is served up in a peacock feather glass with a nipped rosebud, meant to resemble a nip of an entirely different kind.

Titillating drinks aside, Play actually offers a well curated bar program, introducing unexpected flavors such as Douglas fir and spruce in the Clear Day in Normandy, and popcorn-washed whiskey in the Bearing Straight. The food menu—separated into flirting, fondling, and… well, you get the idea — also experiments with ingredients and delivery. The octopus fun dip comes with three dipping powders to encourage playing with your food, and the beef tongue chimichurri resembles, well, a tongue. You can go as crazy or as tame as you want to selecting any combination of drinks and food for a night that’s far from boring, but maybe save Play’s suggestive vibe for an outing with friends—instead of your next business meeting.