Cupcakes and donuts may have taken the dessert world by sugar-filled storm over the past decade, but we’re looking to the one true king: the Brownie. These mighty confections have been with us through cold winters, midnight sweet-tooth cravings and yes – even the occasional bad breakup. On this day, we salute you, square Chocolate Friend. We’re celebrating National Brownie Day in style with our eight favorite fudgy, cakey, crumbly creations in the city. Behold, and commence drooling.

  1. Fat Witch Bakery
    They’re a constant favorite around these parts, and with good reason. These gooey wonders win across the board with a properly cakey outside and rich, fudgy inside.
    Order: An original Fat Witch brownie or the Snow Witch, made with all-white chocolate.

  2. Baked
    These Red Hook gems already had a loyal following before they earned Oprah’s golden stamp of approval as one of her favorite things.
    Order: The Milk Chocolate Malted Brownie or the Brookster, a glorious hybrid of a brownie-based tart filled with chocolate chunk cookie dough.

  3. Ovenly
    The brownies here are especially fudgy, in the stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth-but-you-love-it kind of way.
    Order: The Super Dark Chocolate Brownie.

  4. The Chocolate Room:
    It would be a terrible tragedy if a place called The Chocolate Room didn’t live up to its moniker. It’s the law of the lexicon that they would also make delicious brownies.
    Order: The Brownie Sundae with a Chocolate Stout.

  5. Insomnia Cookies
    These guys could win by late-night pickin’s alone, so it’s an added bonus that they also make a great chocolatey square.
    Order: The brownie, of course!

  6. Vegan Divas
    It may be against the laws of nature that Francois Payard should marry a vegan – but his wife, Fernanda Capobianco, is doing his love of pastry proud with her brownie-making skills.
    Order: The Spelt Chocolate Brownie (Pro-tip: Trust us, this will certainly please both meat-eaters and vegetarian folks alike.)

  7. The Mast Brothers
    Rick and Michael Mast have embarked on the outlandish task of making the world’s best chocolate.
    Order: A brownie and a turtle. Totally worth it.

  8. Babycakes
    Another vegan hit in the LES, Babycakes makes more than just amazing egg-less cupcakes. They also make a mean brownie.
    Order: An Agave-Sweetened Brownie.