Monday, December 16, 9 p.m.
Rap Genius Presents: A very News Genius Trivia Night

The West, 379 Union Avenue, Brooklyn

It can be tempting to flip the channel or click over to a cat video — who hasn’t? — but how much have you been paying attention to the news? Beyonce’s album leak? Kanye’s latest rant? New laws? Speeches? If you’ve got what it takes, come best Brooklynites at this challenge from Rap Genius. They’re switching up genres with a Very News Genius Trivia Night. Top brainiacs win a full bar tab for first place, $50 for second place and $30 for third place. Admission is free.

Deal nearby: Fanny

Tuesday, December 17, 6:30 p.m.
New York: Curated by AFROPUNK

Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 North 6th Street, Brooklyn

When a group of talented New Yorkers pulls together music, art, film, comedy and fashion, you can expect a Tuesday night worth celebrating. This installment from AFROPUNK brings us their signature DIY fashionable vibes, with performances from Dj Sliink, Spank Rock, Body Language, Cakes Da Killa and Pegasus Warning. Plus beats by djs MikeQ, Larry B, Uniique and Mursi Layne. The best part? It’s only 3 bucks to attend with an RSVP.

Deal nearby: Tiny Empire

Wednesday, December 18, 6:30 p.m.
The Ramen Burger Effect

Asia Society New York, 725 Park Avenue, Manhattan

They’ve taken the burger game by umami-rich storm, and now there’s a whole panel dedicated to the whole sensation and it’s delicious spread across social media. The creator of the noodle-bunned sandwich, Keizo Shimamoto, speaks about his process of going from L.A. blogger to Tokyo chef to Brooklyn’s Ramen Burger mastermind. Kenshiro Uki, the owner of Sun Noodle, also talks about his family’s noodle-making business, along with award-winning food-themed filmmaker, Michael McAteer, who won the Best Short Film at the 2012 NYC Food Film Festival. Tickets are $15, but pack some extra cash for the steaming bowl of ramen you’ll crave afterward.

Deal nearby: Wasabi Lobby

Thursday, December 19, 6:30 p.m.
Winter Solstice Telescope Party

Hayden Planetarium Space Theater, 81 Central Park West, Manhattan

In preparation for the shortest day, and the longest night, of the year, we’re looking out into the dark. Hayden Planetarium hosts this telescope party in honor of the annual winter solstice. For $15 per person, guests get tips on how to investigate the night sky, a preview of what it’ll look like when the solstice goes down, and (if clouds and snowy weather permit) a trip up to the Ross Terrace for a gander at the real, celestial thing above us.

Deal nearby: Barley & Grain