When we were younger, the thought of drinking an egg evoked images of Gaston prancing around in Beauty and the Beast, slurping down yolks straight from the shell to build up brute strength – something seemingly healthy but vaguely disgusting. Now that we’re older, (and well acquainted with the wonders of a Pisco Sour or Ramos Gin Fizz) we know that eggs can be an incredibly delicious, frothy addition to any mixologist's repertoire. And this time of the year, one drink steals the stage – eggnog.

Simply put, a basic holiday eggnog is made with eggs, milk, cream, sugar, spices and varied amounts of booze. The origins of the drink? Well, they’re about as hazy as our memories of last year's Christmas party after we knocked back a few glasses. Most legends trace it back to Medieval Times. What we do know is that historic Americans loved the stuff, including George Washington, who apparently liked his with a whole lotta hooch: rum, sherry, brandy and whiskey. (Well done, George.) And let us not forget the infamous Eggnog Riot that broke out in 1826 at West Point. A group of astute cadets wanted the ‘nog so badly for a Christmas party that they smuggled whiskey into their barracks in order to make it. (Let's just say their plan did not end well.)

Though it's been 187 years since an eggnog-induced riot, we're still obsessed enough with the creamy drink to hand out awards to some of our favorite treats that showcase the wonders of the ‘nog. From a classic cup of the cocktail to eggnog waffles with fried chicken, here are the most noteworthy 'nog-coctions we’ll be craving all season:

Most Likely to Satisfy a Craving the Classic ‘Nog: Sam’s Serious Eggnog at Waterfront Alehouse

Most Likely to Get Us Up Early for Breakfast: Southern Fried Chicken & Eggnog Waffles at Melba’s

Most Likely to Give Us An Eggnog Mustache: Homemade Eggnog at Ward III

Most Likely to Cure All Seasonal Ailments: Frozen Eggnog at Sugar and Plumm

Most Worthy of a Hidden Shrine in Our Apartment: The Eggnog Doughnut at Dun-Well

Most Likely to Get Us in the Holiday Spirit: Eggnog at Rolf’s Bar & Restaurant

Most Likely to Make Us Skip Dinner: The Nog Pudding at Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

Most Likely to Keep Us Happily Caffeinated: Eggnog Latte and Eggnog Cupcake at Chaitty Café

Most Likely to Give Us a Winter Brainfreeze (But We’re Okay with It): Eggnog Flavored Ice Cream at Van Leeuwen Ice Cream