2013 could go by many monikers, but in our book – it will forever be the year of the hybrid food. While some amalgamations piqued our curiosities and raised our eyebrows, others left us scratching our heads. And of course, certain mashups simply left us drooling. The chains picked up on the trend too – who could forget Applebee’s infamous quesadilla burger? Or Taco Bell’s inspired creation – the waffle taco? Even more desperate pioneering was Cinnabon’s Frankenstein-esque Pizzabon, which descended upon the franchise's Atlanta locations like the unholy terror it was.

Meanwhile, New York’s culinary elite were busying themselves in their laboratories kitchens, developing frankenfoods with incomparable artisanal flare and prowess. Spearheading the mission was Dominique Ansel, who brought us the almighty centaur of the dessert world – the cronut. Half doughnut, half croissant – his concoction had the crowds pleased and begging for more. Next, Keizo Shimamoto took things over to the savory side with the logic-defying ramen burger, sandwiching a classic patty between two compressed noodle ‘buns,’ and leaving many a skeptic in a state of puzzled awe in the process.

The newest contender to the ring? Ladies and gents, we’d like to introduce the bruffin. First spotted out in the wild at the LIC Flea in October, this new concoction is already drawing hoards of curious New Yorkers. The concept was simple and delicate: a food that is both brioche and muffin, but succeeds as a snack of its own merit. The creators have affectionately dubbed the treat a “meal in a muffin.”

Since baking the inaugural batch, they’ve also cooked a growing selection of internationally themed bruffins. Some of our favorites? First up, there’s the “French,” hailing back to the homeland of the bruffin’s far away ancestor, the brioche. It comes packed with lardons, brie, gruyere and herbes de provence. Then there’s the “Spanish,” with spicy chorizo and manchego cheese; the “Italian,” with pepperoni, pesto and parmesan cheese; and the “American,” with buffalo chicken and bleu cheese.

So how do they taste? All the soft flakiness of a brioche melded with the creative flavors and portability of a muffin. As fervent supporters of foods being vehicles for other foods, it gets our solid stamp of approval. Consider us craving these as a rich breakfast (or indulgent afternoon snack) on-the-go. We’re also excited to bite into additional flavors as they pop up. Recent creations have included the British and Canadian cousins to the original lineup of bruffins.

Ready to try it out? Dig in over at the winter home for the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg at 80 North 5th Street. Doors are open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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