We’ve long been devoted fans of the expert cuts at The Meat Hook’s counter. We humbly owe many a summer barbecue success story to the triumphs of Tom Mylan, Ben Turley and Brent Young at the butcher block. So, naturally, we started to drool a little when we heard that the trio behind the famous meats plans to open up their very own sandwich shop in Brooklyn. Meat Hook Sandwich will open up shop in late January, but the anticipation has already begun around the city. We predict they’ll be a stellar neighbor to Gimme! Coffee at 495 Lorimer Street.

So what can we expect to gorge ourselves on in the near future? To start out, sandwiches will stick to five main camps: the roast beef sub, Italian sub, turkey sub, a roast pork sandwich and a grilled ham & cheese. “It’ll be straightforward with a rotating menu, in conjunction with the butcher shop,” Brent says. “We’ll also have seasonal updates at the whims of the butchers and sandwich makers.” Right now, they’re working on a homemade bologna that has our inner child happy-dancing and our outer adult singing the praises of such a meat made locally, sustainably and all grass-fed.

As for the flavor – Tom describes the upcoming eats as “sandwiches like momma used to make, if momma was drunk.” Ben has even been quoted in NY Mag saying, “if you don’t like this roast pork sandwich, I’m gonna throw myself off a building.” Sounds like momma did a good job after boozin’ (or at least we hope). “They’re pretty much sandwiches I could eat every day for the rest of my life: super simple and satisfying,” Brent says.

This fall marked four years since Tom, Brent and Ben started up The Meat Hook back in 2009. “We were all friends and all butchers,” Brent says. “And the butcher community at that point was pretty small, so we had a hand in teaching some of the more senior butchers at other shops in New York.”

The idea for the sandwich shop came up as a natural progression of the ambitious work these guys have been doing over at their homebase. “It’s something we’ve talked about for a while,” Brent says. “As soon as we started making deli meat with our own products, we started making sandwiches, and then we said we wanted to open up the shop.” It’s true that many great ideas have come about while eating a sandwich. (Tesla invented the coil over a ham & cheese, we surmise.)

Hungry visitors to the new store can plan on a laidback atmosphere sans any food snobbery. “We’ll have six-packs for sale,” Brent says. “The whole thing is inspired by hoagies and six-packs to-go more than a boutique sandwich shop or anything like that. Just a high quality vibe that’s food you can eat every single day. Nothing pretentious about it: just good service and a good sandwich.”