We all have our the local watering holes that are near and dear to our hearts, and while we all feel urges to take a piece of it home with us, most places generally frown on petty theft. Luckily, there’s an easier way to make your apartment a reminder of your cherished place to get sloshed. John Tebeau has created a run of six limited edition silkscreens of Brooklyn bars, currently on view at Fort Defiance through January 14.

For the Brooklyn-based artist’s “Great Good Places of Brooklyn” series, Tebeau focused on celebrating the bars that feel like home, not necessarily the ones with the craziest concoctions or where the bartenders are referred to as mixologists. He made a list of Brooklyn bars where conversing with friends is encouraged and the bartenders are of the welcoming sort, and then further narrowed it down by singling out places where day drinking and perusing a good tome aren’t frowned upon. Throw in the occasional buyback, a kickin’ jukebox, happy hour specials, and enough light where you can actually see your fellow patrons, and Tebeau had his list.

Using primarily two colors to highlight the features of each building, Tebeau started with drawings of Fort Defiance, Sunny’s, Bar Great Harry, The Gate, Brooklyn Inn and Mugs Alehouse before screenprinting them at Gowanus Print Lab. Each limited edition 16 x 20 inch print is signed and numbered, and will cost you just $150—a steal for a little slice of a place that’s probably seen more of your money over the years. The inspiration for the name of the series, “Great Good Places of Brooklyn,” came from both a Henry James short story and a Ray Oldenburg book, both of which repeated the idea that local hangouts pull together a community.

Since Fort Defiance is one of the prints, it’s only fitting that the bar is currently hosting a showing of all six. You can stop by as early as 10 a.m. on the weekdays and 9 a.m. on weekends (remember those bonus points for day drinking?) to view Tebeau’s work in person, or buy a print through his website.