Monday, January 13, 10 p.m.
Mobile Mondays: That’s Disco Before Travolta

Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery, Manhattan

In 1977, a man called Travolta took to the silver screen and danced the night away. But before America caught a glimpse of that famous white leisure suit, there was already disco music pumping out of New York City’s speakers. At this week’s Mobile Monday, Operator Emz, Joey Carvello, Natasha Diggs, Just Blaze, Misbehaviour and $$$ Mike spin 45’s all night to give folks a taste of “Disco Before Travolta.” Admission is free.

Deal nearby: Sullivan Bistro

Tuesday, January 14, 7 p.m.
The History of Partying

The Bedford, 110 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

From birthdays and promotions to weddings and graduations, we’re always finding reasons to party. The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies takes a look back at how we’ve danced, boozed and debauched the centuries away with three party-themed lectures. First up, there’s “The Patricians vs. The Plebeians vs. The Pious: Who Partied Hardest in Ancient Rome?” then “The Criminalization of Repetitive Beats and the Ongoing War against Bumpin' Dance Parties,” and “The Parting Glass: A brief History of Parties associated with Death & Funerals.” Admission is free and drink specials abound.

Deal nearby: Hope Garage

Tuesday, January 14, 8 p.m.
The Incredible Game Show Showcase

UCB Theater East, 153 East 3rd Street, Manhattan

There’s something about a good game show that makes it impossible to change the channel. Who hasn’t felt the rush of yelling a correct Jeopardy answer at their TV screen? The glee of guessing a Wheel of Fortune phrase? At the Incredible Game Show Showcase, the folks at UCB have rounded up three lucky games out of suggestions from around the country. The audience will play along to wacky games like "How Much Soup Can You Eat While Some Man Tells a Story about a Diarrhea Experience" and "Chase the Rat" before deciding which one makes it over to television. Tickets are $5.

Deal nearby: Winebar

Wednesday, January 15
Secret Science Club

The Bell House, 149 7th Street, Brooklyn

We’re happy to say that this week there’s finally a way to get smarter while you drink. The Secret Science Club bring us a brainy look at how math is more than just a way to split the bill after a night out. Join MIT physicist and author Max Tegmark as he explains how the universe itself is built on math. He’ll explore everything from theories on the multiverse to computer models of the brain and the probability of life outside the Milky Way. Admission is free.

Deal nearby: The Pines