It melts like summer’s golden rays over the hills of Central Park, completes macaroni like the perfect dance partner, and fills our sodium-loving hearts with guilty pleasure. Yes, Velveeta, we’ve been quite taken with your oddly-yellow brickish beauty over the years. Now, as a shortage of the amber-hued staple looms on the horizon, we must ask ourselves: what will we do without thee? Will we crumble into some abhorrent mess like so many cheese curds before us?

Well, no need to hoard cases of the stuff just yet. We’ve put together this here handy guide for ten bona fide New York City cheese shops worth checking out during Velveetamaggedon. (As well as any old occasion that calls for some decent cheddar.)

Murray's Cheese Shop
These folks have been hailed as some of the best cheesemongers in the city since the 1940’s. An added bonus? They even offer classes at their Bleecker Street shop for curious New Yorkers ready to make some mozzarella.

East Village Cheese Shop
High quality, ample selection and good deals taboot? Consider us huge fans of a place that can accomplish all three at their store on Third Ave. More Brie, less dough. (Yes, please.)

Vinter Wine Market
A fine wine without an equally fine cheese is like a colorless sunset, friends. This Hell’s Kitchen market has an exemplary array to match their vino. Choose a bottle or a cheese, and ask their experts for some pairing advice.

Saxelby Cheesemongers
We may not have a great idea of exactly what’s in a box of Velveeta, but at Saxelby, they’re serious about sourcing their cheese from small-herd local dairy farms for an end product that’s equally delicious and ethical.

Beecher's Handmade Cheese
Visitors to Beecher’s can expect to leave with more than just a hunk of homemade smoked cheddar. This Flatiron fromagerie cooks up mac’n’cheese consistently voted some of the best in the world. Yep, that’s global cheese dominance, folks.

Bedford Cheese Shop
With more than 250 types of cheese at both locations, cheese aficionados are bound to find something to love here. The staff here provides guidance through the sea of luxurious options, so we’d recommend stopping by for special occasion eats.

Stinky Bklyn
Good cheeses can indeed be pungent. For stinky cheese lovers, this Smith Street shop has abundant aromatic varieties. From smelly blue cheese to a noxious camembert, scout it all out here.

Astoria Bier & Cheese
Manhattan and Brooklyn shouldn’t get all the frômage fame. Up in Queens, Astoria Bier & Cheese has become a go-to for craft beers and unique cheese since opening up in 2012.

This jam-packed Atlantic Avenue market is well-known for it’s abundant dried goods counter, but step back to the next room, and an equally well-stocked cheese selection awaits.

Di Palo's
There’s a reason so many of the city’s chefs turn to this Little Italy dairy. It’s been around since 1910, and has a beautiful selection of Italian eats carefully curated by the Di Palo family. Plus, each customer gets a taste of the cheese at the counter. That’s a good enough excuse for us to stop by.