The temperatures have plummeted and our tailbones are bruised from countless trips on the icy pavement, sometimes it seems like the only thing that will get us through another few months of winter is to daydream of humid summer nights, beach days, and camp outs in the woods. Thankfully making it easier to pretend, especially on that last one, is Brooklyn’s Winter Warmers, a new s’mores and hot chocolate joint focused entirely (as the name suggests) on warding away those cold weather chills.

Founded by friends Eric Holstein and Madison Gouzie, the three-month-old shop was the duo’s seasonal answer to summer ice cream shops, taking over People’s Pops’ vacated location in Park Slope. Holstein and Gouzie kept the welcoming family vibe but lent the space a cozy feel with wintry accents such as forest wallpaper and a chalk wall covered in whimsical doodles of marshmallows in a snowy city landscape by Loryn Brantz. Conscious of their location in one of Brooklyn’s most family friendly areas, Holstein and Gouzie focused on keeping the store light-hearted and fun.

This playful approach extends to the menu. Starting with apple cider, Holstein and Gouzie developed a roster of comforting drinks and snacks, enlisting the help of Pushcart Coffee baker Maggie Rogers for creative s’mores combinations such as peanut butter and jelly and the pumpkin patch, which includes a pumpkin marshmallow, mixed nuts, and caramel bits. The shop also features weekly special s’mores invented from Holstein and Gouzie’s tinkering, including holiday-themed creations.

If you’d rather go the DIY route, the make-your-own s’mores bar features made-in-house graham crackers and marshmallows—flavors include peppermint, strawberry, pumpkin, and coconut—plus an array of toppings ranging from peppermint patty to blueberry. Wash down your creation with a classic hot chocolate, or get adventurous with the spicy dark chocolate or peppermint versions. Remember, it’s only a few short months until summer, when sweltering subway rides will have us yearning for the cold again.

Three Other Places to Get Your S’Mores Fix:

All exposed brick walls, wooden accents, and rustic touches such as taxidermy and a working fireplace, Brooklyn’s Camp isn’t subtle about living up to its outdoorsy name. Challenge friends to a classic board game and order the s’mores set-up, which involves actually roasting marshmallows over an open flame at the table.

S'more Bakery
Currently only available at Brooklyn’s weekend Smorgasburg and through online retailers such as Etsy and Zaarly, S’more Bakery specializes in upscale riffs on the gooey classic. Think elevated ingredients like bourbon-Madagascar vanilla bean marshmallows, salted caramel sauce, or chocolate peanut butter ganache, sandwiched between two clover honey and cinnamon sugar–spiced graham crackers.

While you may associate the ubiquitous sandwich chain with, well, sandwiches, Cosi also offers a tableside s’mores dessert option. Designed to serve two to four, the s’mores package comes served with a chocolate bar, graham crackers, and marshmallows, which can be roasted using a tabletop fire pit.