With the flu passing around quicker than a bottle of cheap vodka at a frat house, it can be tempting to don a SARS mask, douse ourselves in hand sanitizer and minimize human contact as much as possible. Luckily, 230 Fifth is embracing our penchant for hermit-dome, by letting us pick and choose eleven of our closest friends for our very own Biodome on its rooftop. Through March 31, New York’s largest rooftop bar is blowing up giant bubble structures; outfitting them with sofas, rugs, TVs and heat; and renting them out to groups of up to a dozen. And while $500 may sound steep, the structures can be enjoyed for up to five hours (or as long as we remain enchanted with our inflatable walls).

Why not spend some time in the snow-proof abode soaking in 360-degree views of the Manhattan skyline and the Empire State building? The “Fifthgloos,” as they’re dubbed, are impervious to all weather conditions, which means we can enjoy our own reverse snow globe and sip specialty cocktails as other poor souls hunker down indoors or brave cruel, cruel mother nature. The best part? We even get the opportunity to don a robe, Lebowski-style, as we lord over our new surroundings. And while we’re sure the bar could serve up some white Russians, we prefer to keep the fancy feeling alive with tipples such as mimosas crafted from wild strawberries, cucumber mojitos that will allegedly turn gin haters into fans, and bellinis made with actual champagne—none of that ‘sparkling wine’ silliness. Or go big (it is a giant inflatable igloo, after all) and spring for bottle service. Nothing feels fancier than a bottle o’ bubbly accompanied by bites like grilled cheese, poached sea bass and root beer floats. Don’t worry. Unlike the fifthgloo and the bottle, these are items we aren’t expected to share.