Most of the important things in life improve after adding bacon: burgers, your Sunday morning hangover, and maybe even dinner with your in-laws (definite maybe). And now add to that list Hell’s Kitchen, where one restaurant has embraced the gospel of bacon and plans on spreading it as far as possible by specializing in the porky goodness. Ninth Avenue’s BarBacon, which opened earlier this year, centers around—you guessed it—bacon, slinging out diverse menu items, a varied selection of draft beer, and more than 40 kinds of bourbon, all paired with the carnivore’s candy.

Don’t think that BarBacon just fries up a few slabs of pork and calls it a day. Owner and chef Peter Sherman clocked time at Danube and The Breslin, so this culinary ode-to-fried-meat always answers the eternal question “can you put bacon on that?” with a resounding “yes!” Think staples like bacon-laden grilled cheese, BLTs, and burgers, in addition to less expected menu items and specials such as lobster mac ‘n’ cheese (with bacon), Vietnamese-glazed Brussels sprouts (with bacon), and bahn mi (yup, with bacon again). And lest your obsession with the crispy stuff isn’t satiated, bacon even pops up on the dessert menu. Order the sundae and you’ll get your bacon in the form of vanilla and chocolate ice cream topped with candied bacon crackle, or opt for warm chocolate chip cookies or double chocolate brownies, also sporting a touch of bacon.

So where to begin? Start with the bacon flights, obviously. In order to expand our pork-based horizons, BarBacon offers a selection of four of its favorite artisanal bacon discoveries (cross your fingers the insanely good jalapeño version is there), with two slices of each artfully arranged on butcher paper (bacon arranging should totally be a thing). And because it would be foolish to stop there and not have something to wash down the cured ham, pair it with the beer flight for a rounded meal and you’ll score four five-ounce craft beers to sip while you chow down. The rotating draft list features pours from the likes of Magic Hat, Brooklyn Brewery, and Dogfish Head, so it’s hard to do wrong—unless you order a bottle from the “If You Must” section (Bud Light, Coors Light, Corona). Seriously, don’t do that.

For those with tastes that run a little more high-class, take a gander at the impressive whiskey list. While it may not feature bacon (yet), it does highlight more than 40 brown spirits that pair well with the fried stuff. Sip straight bourbon like Bulleit or Widow Jane to complement a sweeter slice of maple-glazed bacon, or opt for a spicier Knob Creek or George Dickle No. 12 alongside a peppery slab of pork. Or throw all caution to the wind, and eat and drink whatever beckons. It’s bacon, whiskey, and beer – there’s no real way to go wrong.