We’re fans of food in just about any form. Stuffed into a sandwich, wrapped up in sushi, pressed between two cronuts — you name it, we’ll (attempt to) eat it. Still, one of our favorite methods of food-to-mouth delivery has to be the humble stick. Could the whole thing hearken back to our caveman instincts, hurling sharpened objects at delicious prey? Either way, devouring average plate-bound foods off a stick fills us with notions of triumph. Be it kebab, corn dog, fondue, popsicle, yakitori or satay – these bites are always on point in our book.

Lucky for us, this Thursday is National Something-On-A-Stick Day. And though recent innovations such as the Wisconsin State Fair's Fat Elvis-On-A-Stick and the Minnesota State Fair's spaghetti and meatballs on a stick haven't made their way off of the fair grounds just yet, there's still plenty of opportunity for New Yorkers to participate in the holiday around town. Here are some of our favorites.

Tornado Chips at Bubbly Tea
Not familiar? It’s a whole potato cut into a spiral, wrapped around a 17-inch skewer and fried up for your crunchy eating pleasure.

Grilled Maple Bacon Sticks at Landhaus
It’s maple bacon. On a stick. Grilled. Do we really need to say more? Just go. Go now.

The Devil’s Whiff Fondue at Taureau
This spicy blend of fondue gets its name from the fiery mix of pepper jack, sharp cheddar, red wine and crushed red pepper. Choose from 11 different foods and spear ‘em good, like the sliced Mexican chorizo for extra spice, or the fresh steamed broccoli for some greens.

Corn Dogs at Crif Dogs
They’re a favorite stick-based food at every carnival ever, and when their insides are packed with a Crif Dog, we know we’re in for a treat. Pro Tip: eat it at Tompkins and imagine you’re about to win a giant stuffed animal.

Yakitori at Village Yokocho
We’re including these Japanese-style grilled gems along with a necessary pit stop at the speakeasy wonderland of Angel’s Share. Finish your yakitori then slide in through the hidden door for a classy cocktail.

The Swingle at Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies
The key lime tarts at this beloved Red Hook shop would be good even if they weren’t dipped in a homemade chocolate sauce and served on a stick. But we’re very glad they are.

And, yes, a bonus course for breakfast!

Pancake Lollipops at Stix
Just when we thought IHOP’s Dr. Seuss themed pancakes were intense, we heard about these whimsical treats from the aptly named Stix in Midtown. The Mediterranean eatery specializes in its namesake, and their Pancake Lollipops turn brunch into an adventure.