Many things appear simple on the outside but are far more complex than what meets the eye. Take smartphones or kittens, for example. Way more going on in there than we can wrap our heads around. When it comes to the culinary arts, there are dishes that we gravitate toward with ease (here’s lookin’ at you, PB&J) and those we’d never attempt to cook at home (sorry, hollandaise sauce, it just isn’t working out.)

Some of the best dishes take on both sides of the coin, being both adventurous in flavor and simple by design. That’s why we’re taking this April 12 to salute a modest meal that need not be so elementary. It’s National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day! We’re celebrating the classic at these seven places that are creatively dressing up the ol' cheese-and-bread combo.

An Elegant Ode to Melty Simplicity
The Murray’s Melt at Murray's Cheese Bar
Cheese straight from Murray’s extensive collection on thick-cut Pullman bread with optional absolutely required slabs of Nueske’s bacon (and a side of smoky tomato bisque).

A Cheesy Delicacy from Across the Pond
Croque Madame at Buvette
Thinly sliced prosciutto, bechamel sauce, fried egg (with an oozy yolk), ham, grated gruyere and a pinch of pure inspiration.

A Good Way to Sneak Greens into Your Cheese Consumption
The Asiago Sandwich at Little Meunster
Arugula, pickled caramelized onions and melty gruyere on a peasant roll.

A Savior for the Lactose Intolerant and Vegans Alike
The Vegan Grilled Cheese at Clementine Bakery
A hot mix of daiya cheddar and mozzarella with a choice of adding on sliced tomatoes or tempeh bacon.

An Excuse to Order Three Sandwiches in One Sitting
The Grilled Cheese(s) at Earl's Beer & Cheese
NY state cheddar with pork belly, fried egg and kimchi on sourdough bread.

A Bread that Cheese Wants to Marry and Run Off Into the Sunset With Cheese
The Choriqueso Sandwich at Scratchbread
Green garlic chicken sausage, lemon, queso fondue, cilantro, smoked chili and red onion served on Scratchbread’s handmade dough.

An Element of Have-Your-Cake-And-Eat-It-Too Sandwich Wizardry
The Grilled Cheese Burger at the Burger Bistro
You really can get just about anything you want at this build-you-own burger joint — including a grilled cheese sandwich used as buns for your beef.