If it takes a village to make a s’mores doughnut at The Cinnamon Snail, then you bet we’re gonna join the village on such an endeavor. From today through Tuesday, April 29 at 2:52 p.m. the locally loved vegan food truck is looking for help from s’more-hungry New Yorkers.

After a surprise inspection from on April 3, the city shut the Snail down due to a recently expired vehicle registration. While they complete paperwork to renew the registration then await a second city inspection (which they estimate could take up to a month or more), they’ll be forced to cease production on their delicious pastries, sandwiches and the like. Basically, we’re talkin’ about a huge bummer.

But don’t cry into your imaginary Gouchujang Burger Delux just yet. The folks at the Snail have a plan B. They’ve started up a Kickstarter to raise the $82,000 they’ll need for a new truck with a valid permit, which they’ll need if they want to get cookin’ again while their old wheels become street-legal once more.

At press time, they’ve raised just shy of $24,500, with $57,500 to go. But wIth multiple Vendy awards to decorate their kitchen, and praise far and wide from NYC’s choosiest food critics, we’d say this snail has certainly earned a new shell. “All money we raise through Kickstarter will go directly to these expenses,” writes owner and chef Adam Sobel. “Any additional money we might raise will go to further updates to make the truck nicer and more reliable.”

So what makes these eats worth backing? Well, if the s’mores doughnut weren’t enough, they’ve also got some of the best savory vegan eats this side of the bland frozen hockey pucks you’ve come to know as “veggie burgers.” And we've already extolled the pleasures of their Thanksgiving Sandoo sandwich. (Porcini mushroom simmered seitan, rosemary parsnip bread pudding, marinated kale, orange cranberry relish and roasted garlic aioli on grilled baguette. Yes, please.)

Over the past four years, the Snail’s truck has become synonymous with all things delicious and vegetarian on its journeys across the Hudson. The roving eats began their commute between their home base in Red Bank, NJ and different locations around NYC on Valentine’s Day in 2010, making it the first organic vegan food truck in the country. Today they offer a full seasonal menu with breakfast, lunch and, yes, the luxurious vegan doughnuts our dreams are made of.

“Should we receive full funding [on Kickstarter] we will be an unstoppable force in the vegan food galaxy!” Adam writes, adding that they’ll work on making sure every backer gets their appropriate swag. “Let's say, Nicolas Cage tries to prevent us physically from delivering your shirt to the post office. HE WILL BE ELIMINATED (using Wesley Snipes to pack him tight into a catapult, and launch him into the sun.) Sorry Nicolas Cage – but you should have know better as to interfere.”

Once they’ve got their new digs up and motorin’, the Snail promises to put their old wheels to good use, too. “Our old truck will get sorted out, and eventually be a ‘back up’ vehicle, so we will never miss another day, and the sun will always shine, unicorns will always sing, and breakdancing will always occur inside the pentagon, and other official government buildings,” writes Adam.

Interested in being a backer? Head over to their Kickstarter page here by April 29th. Can the world go any longer without Bourbon Hazelnut Pancakes or Rosemary Fennel French Lentil Burgers? No, no it cannot.