You know how every group of friends has that one person who always knows where to go eat? Well, in her group, Emily Cavalier is that person. Not only is she one of Scoutmob's new Local Scouts (uh, score one for us), she's also a passionate food and drink blogger in her own right. So her group is even luckier than most. She loves to try new things, often venturing mouth of the border—sorry—south of the border in her eating experiences and documenting them for all to read on her blog, Mouth of the Border. There it is. In order to avoid any more confusion, let's just let Emily be the one to tell us about Emily:

SCOUT: How’d you think up Mouth of the Border?
EMILY: Before I moved here from New Hampshire, I wondered how I would ever get to know this giant city. So, I thought maybe I could get to know NYC through its food. While I have a hard time determining East versus West, I never forget a great meal and where I had it. When you start looking at all the amazing cultures represented in our ethnic neighborhoods, you realize that this isn’t a giant city. [It's] just a collection of little neighborhoods—little countries really. Mouth of the Border is a love letter to New York City and it’s a way to learn more about its cultures through its food.

SCOUT: Your blog is really well-written; you could probably write about a lot of things. Why food?
EMILY: Well, thank you! I write about a lot of things, but food and drink is what I am most passionate about. I truly believe that good food breaks down borders and unites people—across race, across class and across age. Deals are made over dinner, people fall in love over cocktails and relationships are solidified over a full plate. The power of food is really astonishing.

SCOUT: So true. Now, how do you come up with your stories?
EMILY: That part is easy. I think one of the fastest ways to get to know another culture is through its food. So, I just go one ethnic neighborhood at a time, eating in as many hole-in-the-wall joints as I can, so I can find authentic eats. Then I go home and try to cook their dishes and teach other people about the components of that culture’s cuisine.

SCOUT: Like what?
EMILY: Why does West Indian food have a lot of spices? It’s an island, so a lot of food is imported and spices help preserve food. I love finding out this type of stuff and sharing that knowledge with people.

SCOUT: What would you write about if you weren’t writing about food-related stuff?
EMILY: I [would] write about my family and crazy childhood, social media, technology and local businesses and entrepreneurs. Those are my other passions.

SCOUT: Well, since you are writing about food, what’s the best thing about it?
EMILY: Meeting the people behind small local businesses and eating their food! I’m very into helping local people succeed. I love NY, especially Brooklyn, and want to see it stay the unique city that it is. A big part of that is making sure the people who make the food and [who] provide other things I enjoy are able to pay their rent.

SCOUT: Got a favorite “curious find” in New York?
EMILY: Go to any ethnic neighborhood and wander around their bodegas and food markets. You have no idea what kind of spices and weird produce they have for sale. You walk past them every day, without realizing that you have this gem right in front of you.

SCOUT: What about when you have friends come in from out of town? I assume you're taking them to other places besides bodegas....
EMILY: Katz's Deli and Il Laboratorio del Gelato are top picks. I also adore Crif Dogs and the bar inside (PDT) is my favorite bar in Manhattan.

SCOUT: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
EMILY: I have spoken Dutch to Prince Willem, the Crown Prince of the Netherlands. I met him when I lived in Aruba, working as a TV reporter and producer.

SCOUT: Wow. So, finally, how 'bout a shameless plug?
EMILY: I am focused on teaching people about food, culture and cooking, so please subscribe to my site, Mouth of the Border! I’m also taking on more consulting projects. I just wrapped up executing Gourmet Live’s partnership with Foursquare. Gourmet Live is the reincarnation of Gourmet magazine on the iPad—a really exciting combination of food and technology. So, I’m looking for other major brands that are working in the social/tech space who need help.