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2014 Silly Holidays Calendar Postcards | Why so serious, calendars? Celebrate the sillier side of holid... | Calendars, Organizers & Planners
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2014 Silly Holidays Calendar Postcards

Celebrate the silly

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Made by:

Dirty Bandits

Dirty Bandits


Typographic Humorist


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Why so serious, calendars? Celebrate the sillier side of holidays with this set of 2014 calendar postcards. Each design was hand-lettered and illustrated before being printed onto sturdy postcard material. Each chalkboard design postcard measures 4" x 6"––display them all at once for a magnificent wall calendar, or send 'em off one by one in the mail.

Includes one of each:

January - Dress Up Your Pet Day
February - Ice Cream for Breakfast Day
March - International Fanny Pack Day
April - Walk on Your Wild Side Day
May - International Respect for Chickens Day
June - Say Something Nice Day
July - Boom Box Parade Day
August - Watermelon Day
September - Talk Like a Pirate Day
October - Haunted Refrigerator Night
November - Domino Day
December - Bathtub Party Day

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