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Almond Biscotti Cookie Tube - Set of 12 | Cookie cravings be gone! These tubes of almond biscotti contai... | Cookies
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Almond Biscotti Cookie Tube - Set of 12

Edible coffee stirrers

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Biscotti Style

Made by:

Boncora Biscotti

Boncora Biscotti


Biscotti Believer


Kenwood, CA

Cookie cravings be gone! These tubes of almond biscotti contain two cellophane bags filled with authentic biscotti di Prato, baked and cut by hand. The light and crunchy cookies are loaded with California almonds and available in the classic or chocolate-dipped version, which is hand-dipped in a blend of milk and bittersweet chocolate from Guittard Chocolate Co. Packed into a recyclable festive tube with red and yellow streamers. Approximately 15-18 cookies per tube. Twelve tubes to a pack.

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Sold Out
$140 $168