Basic Meat & Veggies Rub Set

Seasonings for every mealtime

made by CrabApple Road

Basic Meat & Veggies Rub Set

Seasonings for every mealtime

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The details

Craft a well-seasoned meal with this assortment of rubs, seasonings and spices developed to enhance red meat and vegetables. Each blend is already measured and combined, ready to help you create your next culinary masterpiece. You’ll receive three rubs in this set along with a recipe to best enjoy the flavors of each one.

Prime Rib Rub (5.5 oz.)
An all-purpose rub for seasoning any meat or side, this blend includes kosher salt, granulated garlic, paprika and black pepper. The recipe for classic prime rib made with the rub is included.

BBQ Rib Rub (4 oz.)
Sweet and slightly smoky, this rub combines bourbon barrel smoked paprika and dark roasted chili powder for rich flavor. It’s not reserved just for ribs: try it on veggies, chicken or shrimp. The included recipe gives instructions for perfectly seasoned ribs with the rub.

Veggie Rub (5.5 oz.)
Combined garlic, paprika and thyme add fresh flavor to steamed, roasted or grilled vegetables. Try adding some to Greek yogurt for a delicious dip or see the included recipe cards for a mean roasted red potato dish.


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