Bonsai Tree Trio

Grow your own miniature trees

made by JPants

Bonsai Tree Trio

Grow your own miniature trees

$ 24

The details

Some green for small spaces, these bonsai tree kits are all inclusive greenhouses, requiring just a bit of instruction following and patience. The different plant seeds produce very different trees, from shy and leafy to coniferous with a bold presence. You’ll receive three bonsai tree kits, one of each plant type:

Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica)
An herb often grown for its curiosity value, the plant’s leaves fold inward to protect itself when touched or shaken, and reopen shortly after.

Dwarf Mugo Pine
Short and bushy, the dwarf mugo pine requires patience to germinate, with little maintenance once grown.

Giant Sequoia
A miniature version of the giant redwood tree, sequoia trees can thrive for decades potted or eventually grow to be lumbering giants.

Each set includes:

- Clear plastic “greenhouse” for seed germination
- Plastic planter pot
- Expanded clay pellets
- Soil pellet
- Seed packets
- Detailed instructions


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