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Beer-Kissed Brittle & Almond Assortment | Just when we thought almonds and brittle couldn't be made any ... | Candy Brittle
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Beer-Kissed Brittle & Almond Assortment

Carefully crafted with IPAs and porters

only 8 left

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Made by:

Boujie Baking Co

Boujie Baking Co


Beer Baker


Arcata, CA

Just when we thought almonds and brittle couldn't be made any better, this maker went ahead and proved us completely and utterly wrong. By adding beer. Yes, beer. And you, fine friend, will be able to enjoy three of their finest flavors.

IPA Peanut Brittle
Crisp, sweet and salty brittle hand-crafted with India Pale Ale.

Porter Coffee Brittle
Sweet, hoppy almonds with a cayenne kick, candied with India Pale Ale.

IPA Pralined Almonds
Roasted coffee beans suspended in rich, crispy porter brittle.

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