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Cape Fear Small-Batch Relish – 2 Pack | This set includes two 12oz jars of the Cape Fear relish. Made ... | Condiments & Sauces
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Cape Fear Small-Batch Relish – 2 Pack

Delish relish

$15 $18

Made by:

Cottage Lane Kitchen

Cottage Lane Kitchen


Relisher of life


Chapel Hill, NC

This set includes two 12oz jars of the Cape Fear relish. Made in small batches, this spicy pepper relish is based on a family heirloom recipe, from all natural ingredients. You won't find any preservatives and it is gluten free (but not produced in a gluten-free facility). The Cape Fear relish is made with pineapple, citrus and a touch of habernero, this condiment is perfect to add to fish tacos, pesto pasta, pork ternderlion, slaws. Heck, we even use it as a garnish to favorite appetizers, like goat cheese and hummus. No pickles – just peppers!

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$15 $18

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