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Chocolate Lovers Marshmallow Sandwich Assortment | We've never outgrown that supposedly childlike desire for a go... | Candy & Chocolate
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Chocolate Lovers Marshmallow Sandwich Assortment

Made with organic chocolate and no corn syrup

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Made by:




Mallow Maven


Cumming, GA

We've never outgrown that supposedly childlike desire for a good ol' marshmallow sammich. And nor should we have to! Luckily, these little 'wiches, made with fresh, artisan marshmallows and fancy (and delicious!) little cookies are here to adultify and justify our longings. The shortbread style cookies are made with things like gourmet dark chocolate, while the 'mallows are made with molten sugar fluff, carefully carved into cubes. While they're delicious right outta the package, we suggest popping these mini-sandwiches in the microwave for 5 seconds. Trust us. You'll receive one pack of each of the following flavors, for a total of 12 pieces.

Dark Chocolate (4 pcs.)
Dark chocolate marshmallows, coated in cocoa powder and hugged by 80% dark chocolate petit beurre cookies.

Spiked Espresso (4 pcs.)
Marshmallows made with an intense coffee extraction and coffee liqueur are held between intensely dark chocolate cookies.

Mint Chocolate (4 pcs.)
Fresh, pure peppermint marshmallows are ensconced in a pair of dark chocolate cookies.

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