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Premium Chocolate & Bourbon Truffle Sampler | For those who think nothing can improve on a good Kentucky bou... | Candy & Chocolate

Premium Chocolate & Bourbon Truffle Sampler

A masterful blend of bourbon and chocolate



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Art Eatables

Art Eatables


Bourbon Chocolatier


Louisville, KY

For those who think nothing can improve on a good Kentucky bourbon, we give you: bourbon truffles. That's right, bourbon and chocolate. Each of the four varieties in this truffle sampler (available in a 16 or 32 piece) is made with a different bourbon, and expertly-paired with a chocolate that highlights the bourbon's notes of vanilla, spice and oak. Includes 4 or 8 of each of the following chocolate truffles.

Maker's Mark® Bourbon Truffle
Smooth and approachable, with milk chocolate and full-flavored bourbon. This truffle has notes of caramel and vanilla.

Wood River Bourbon Truffle
Decadent dark chocolate with notes of wood, smoke and leather, and a high note of cherry at the finish.

Fair Rose Bourbon Truffle
Milk chocolate and smooth Kentucky bourbon make for a truffle with a deliciously spicy finish.

Gobble-It-Up Bourbon Truffle
A blend of dark and extra-dark chocolate pairs well with the caramel and vanilla notes of this Kentucky bourbon.

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