Classic Gum Syrup & Spiced Tonic Set

A classy pair

made by Liber & Co.

Classic Gum Syrup & Spiced Tonic Set

A classy pair

$ 22

The details

This dynamic duo will round out any bar cart with style and a bit o' sophistication. This listing includes an 8.5 oz. bottle of Simple Gum Syrup and a 8.5 oz. bottle of Spiced Tonic.

Spiced Tonic:
This spiced tonic syrup is far from subtle. The traditional tonic flavor profile has been elevated with fresh botanicals and cracked spiced. It is made with real cinchona tree bark from Latin America to provide an authentic quinine bite. An exotic blend of South Asian herbs and spices pays homage to tonic’s roots in Colonial India. And organic agave nectar balances the flavor for a mildly sweet finish. Each 16 oz. bottle gives a swift kick to the traditional gin and tonic.

Simple Gum Syrup:
Simple syrup just got a little more complex. This classic gum syrup has a simple syrup base combined with an all-natural gum arabic. The latter gives this sweetener a more silky consistency than regular simple syrup and makes it a more versatile option for use in mixed drinks. This has a 2:1 ratio in comparison to regular simple syrup, so a little goes a long way. Try a splash in your favorite cocktail, lemonade or other beverage.


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