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Cocktail Recipe Card Set | Remind others how to make some classic cocktails before they d... | Posters
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Cocktail Recipe Card Set

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Made by:

Moxie House Paper Goods

Moxie House Paper Goods


Design Do-Gooders


Lancaster, PA

Remind others how to make some classic cocktails before they drink them and forget again. These single-sided letterpress cards are printed on heavyset white cotton paper with quality, rubber-based ink. They feature hand-drawn illustrations and lettering for four different cocktail recipes from Phoebe's Pure Food in Bowmansville, PA: Gin Rickey, Blackberry Margarita, Bloody Mary and Fig Fashioned. Four cards to a set.

Each card measures 5" x 7" and is delivered in a clear plastic sleeve.

Shipping: This product ships from the maker within 5 days * , via USPS

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