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Coffee & Chocolate Macaron Assortment | If you're a chocolate and coffee macaron connoisseur (and real... | Cookies
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Coffee & Chocolate Macaron Assortment

Chocolate, salted caramel and mochachino

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Made by:

Soft Peaks Confections

Soft Peaks Confections


Macaron Master


West Hills, CA

If you're a chocolate and coffee macaron connoisseur (and really, who wouldn't want to be?) this is the assortment for you. Twenty-four (count 'em) gourmet macarons, 8 of each curiously caffeinated flavor. Now whether or not you want to share –– well, that's up to you.

Mochachino Macarons (8)
Espresso shell and chocolate ganache filling.

Salted Caramel Macarons (8)
Espresso shell filled with salted caramel cream filling.

Chocolate Macarons (8)
Cocoa shell and chocolate ganache filling.

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Sold Out
$44 $48