Custom Gourmet Spice Set – Choose 3

For everything there is a seasoning

made by Montana Farmacy

Custom Gourmet Spice Set – Choose 3

For everything there is a seasoning

$ 24

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Conquer any culinary challenge with this custom set of gourmet spices. Just choose the three you need the most, and get to impressing those relatives.

Organic Pumpkin Pie Spice
Add a dash of this warm, nostalgic blend and even Grandma will be asking for the recipe. Ingredients: organic cinnamon, organic ginger, organic nutmeg, organic allspice, and organic spices.

Organic Thai Curry
This bold blend works with the entire spectrum of Thai and Indonesian dishes. Ingredients: organic garlic, organic onion, organic lemon peel, organic chili flakes, sea salt, organic black pepper, organic herbs, and organic spices.

Organic Grillin' Herbs
This all-purpose flavor enhancer packs a punch and fits right in on a grill or barbecue. Ingredients: organic garlic, organic rosemary, organic black pepper, organic onion, organic thyme, and organic herbs.

Organic Ole Mexican
Toss this fiesta of a spice into sauces, tacos, or anywhere else that's requiring some extra zest. Ingredients: organic cilantro, organic onion, organic cumin seed, organic chili flakes, organic herbs and spices.

Organic Caribbean Cowboy
This zesty blend can improve just about any dish––case in point: salsa. Ingredients: organic cilantro, organic garlic, organic black pepper, and organic herbs.

Organic Herbes de Provence
From the birthplace of gastronomy and fine cooking comes this flavorful and floral blend. Ingredients: organic thyme, organic rosemary, organic marjoram, organic lavender, and organic herbs.

Bottles are 4 oz. each.


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