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Custom Nautical Embroidered Wedding Magnet  | We're of the opinion that merely saving the date isn't enough.... | Mixed Media Art
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Custom Nautical Embroidered Wedding Magnet

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Made by:

The Monster’s Lounge

The Monster’s Lounge


Whimsical Stitcher


Seattle, WA

We're of the opinion that merely saving the date isn't enough. Which is why we've employed the help of this custom nautical embroidered magnet. Each magnetic hoop is hand-stitched with the couple's names (less than 6 characters each) and the infamous date in sailor style lettering. The blue felt base is then embellished with gold rope and a white banner. Display the magnet on the fridge or any other metallic surface and reminisce happily with every glance.

- Magnetic hoop measures 3" in diameter.
- Hoop is made from wood, with a metal tightener.
- Backed with blue card stock.
- Uses neodymium rare earth magnets.
- Do not place near electrical or internal medical equipment.
- Do not remove from hoop.

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