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Custom Silver Typewriter Key Locket

You're our type

Custom Silver Typewriter Key Locket

You're our type

$30 $36
7 days
3-5 days
Oct 3 - Oct 5

The details

This antiqued silver locket necklace, paired with vintage typewriter keys, juxtaposes modern design and vintage charm quite nicely – simply choose your initial. Each custom locket necklace features an authentic typewriter key from well-loved Smith Corona, Royal or Underwood typewriters which date back fifty years or more. As a result, the keys sometimes show flaws that correspond with their age; each imperfection representing a keystroke that wrote letters to a friend overseas, a first great novel, or poetry to a faraway love.

This vintage locket necklace combines modern functionality with the charm of the past, one of a kind, with its own story to tell. Just like you.

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Our custom items are made just for you and cannot be returned except for damage or defect.

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