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Desert Specialty Beeswax Candle | So you don't have a fireplace, eh? No worries. When it comes t... | Candles
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Desert Specialty Beeswax Candle

A cleaner-burning alternative



Candle Pattern
only 9 left

Made by:

La Toad

La Toad


Candle Roller


Los Angeles, CA

So you don't have a fireplace, eh? No worries. When it comes to creating a glowing, flickering ambience this candle is just the thing. Each beeswax candle features a hand-cut design, and is tightly rolled by hand to prevent excess dripping. As the wick burns down, the outer shell will stay intact, softly illuminated by the flame.

- Measures about 2.5" x 8" tall
- Burn time: 95 hours
- Price includes one candle

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