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Energy Coffee-Infused Raw Chocolate – Pack of 3 | According to legend, Aztec emperor Montezuma downed 50 cups of... | Candy & Chocolate
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Energy Coffee-Infused Raw Chocolate – Pack of 3

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Made by:

Great Bean

Great Bean


Chocolatier in the Raw


Austin, TX

According to legend, Aztec emperor Montezuma downed 50 cups of cacao a day to ward off fatigue and build up resistance. If his copious consumption is true, then the languor-loathing leader would have loved the Energy Raw Chocolate Bar. To complement the natural stimulant found in cacao, organic Third Coast coffee beans and strong stimulating herbs have been added to give you sustained energy with no crash. Side effects may include completing your to-do lists weeks in advance and swapping catnaps for kitten-naps. Arrives at your doorstep as a set of three, 2.25 oz. gourmet chocolate bars.

Besides cacao beans, coconut palm sugar, himalayan salt and vanilla bean, the bars include organic coffee beans, kola nut and eleuthero root.

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