Equestrian Elegance Vignette Set

A collection of 7 well-curated pieces

made by Finder Not Keeper

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Equestrian Elegance Vignette Set | For an especially stylish Derby Day get together, we recommend... | Decor
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Equestrian Elegance Vignette Set

A collection of 7 well-curated pieces

$ 340
1 available

The details

For an especially stylish Derby Day get together, we recommend this set of equine-themed accessories. Collected over time, the pieces make a striking vignette when grouped on a wall. This one-of-a-kind vintage object collection comes equipped with a pair of leather riding gaiters, hunting flask, silkscreened stallion artwork, fluted silverplated bowl, The Forsyte Saga, iron horse bit and a silverplated trophy cup. Arrange them with your riding gear and ribbons, or perhaps that collection of porcelain horses.

This set includes the following pieces:

- Pair, vintage leather riding gaiters or shin guards with buckles, worn, lovely rich smell (12"h x 5.5"w)
- Hunting flask, scratched yet functional, liquid courage not included (10" h)
- Silkscreen on silk, Croupade, J. Plank, framed Lipizzan stallion with rider (16.5"h x 14.5" w)
- Fluted footed bowl, Gorham, silver plate (4"h x 8"w), dried gourds not included
- Book, The Forsyte Saga, Galsworthy, 1934 Scribner edition, about the original "man of property"
- Horse bit, iron
- Trophy cup, silver plate, not engraved yet (6.5"h x 5.5"w x 3"d)

Please note that everything is used, antique, vintage, etc. That means sometimes scratched, dented, and worn. Imperfect. Not dusty, though. Or dirty.


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