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Face & Beard Wash Brick Set | We don't care what they say, having a beard is hard work. Luck... | Shaving & Grooming
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Face & Beard Wash Brick Set

Shampoo, conditioner and yummy smells in one



Wash Brick Scent
only 8 left

Made by:

Cliff Original

Cliff Original


Follicle Formulator


Columbus, OH

We don't care what they say, having a beard is hard work. Luckily, this face and beard wash is there to lend a foamy hand. The special soap lathers up nicely with a mild musk scent that's perfect for cleaning and deeply conditioning beards. A word of caution –– you may find yourself thoughtfully stroking the newly-softened hair more frequently.

- Made with organic ingredients
- Lather in hands, run through beard
- Let soak for 30 seconds before rinsing

Ingredients: Organic goat milk, french green clay, organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, pure olive oil and essential oils.

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