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Four Exotic Teas - Chun Mee Green, Rose Congou, Jasmine Pouchon & Mandarin Rooibos

The whole world, in a cup

Four Exotic Teas - Chun Mee Green, Rose Congou, Jasmine Pouchon & Mandarin Rooibos

The whole world, in a cup


The details

These four 8 oz. jars of exotic tea are among some of the world's best.

Chun Mee, also known as "precious eyebrow" tea, is an organic green tea with a remarkable, distinctively plum-like flavor with a smooth, sweet aroma. This tea is certified USDA Organic.

For hundreds of years, the Chinese have scented their teas by layering fresh blossoms of rose, jasmine, lychee between layers of black tea. The tea and blossoms are stacked and restacked multiple times in traditional wooden chests allowing them to ferment and blend together. Often referred to as the "Lotus Tea," our China Congou is made from the finest black tea (2 leaves and a bud) and red rose petals to produce a naturally smooth, aromatic, floral tea.

This Jasmine Pouchon tea has been lightly fermented and gently touched with freshly picked jasmine blossoms from the Huang Mountain area of China. After repeated exposure to the tea leaves, the flowers are removed, leaving an exotically fragrant aroma.

Also known by its English translation, Redbush, this jar of Mandarin Rooibos tea is grown only in South Africa. Rooibos is caffeine-free, low in tannins, and high in antioxidants, making it a favorite health drink said to fight cancer, tension and digestive issues. The maker's version is lightly oxidized to produce its distinctive reddish-brown color and smooth flavor and then infused with mandarin orange to give it a warm, citrus flavor.

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