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Fringe 23 Sterling Silver Necklace | If your favorite decade was the 1920s (booze shortage notwiths... | Necklaces
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Fringe 23 Sterling Silver Necklace

Inspired by the Roaring 20s

only 10 left

Made by:

the Quiet Woods

the Quiet Woods


Silver Sculptor


Round Lake, NY

If your favorite decade was the 1920s (booze shortage notwithstanding), then this necklace has you covered. This pretty piece, which was inspired by the Roaring 1920s themselves, has an understated glamour that makes it work with many an outfit. Twenty three hammered, polished sterling silver fringes adorn an oxidized silver chain, giving this necklace a nice contrast. The fringe shimmers and catches the light, making you feel just a bit fancy. And you know you deserve it.

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