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Fruit Crisp Trio | Think about a cracker. Now think about fruit. And now, think a... | Snack Foods
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Fruit Crisp Trio

Make a plateful of show-stopping appetizers



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Simple & Crisp

Simple & Crisp


Fruit Crispers


SoDo District, Seattle

Think about a cracker. Now think about fruit. And now, think about a fruit cracker. Not a cracker with fruit rather, a cracker this is, simply, fruit. That's what these superb dried fruit crisps are made of. Fruit. Pears, oranges and apples –– delectable on their own and amazing when combined with cocktails and charcuterie. Choose 3 packs of the following (30 slices per pack):

Dried Apple Crisps
Enjoy with white wines, dulce de leche or extra-aged gouda. Oh, and a warm mug o' tea.

Dried Orange Crisps
Excellent with just about everything –– merlot, cupcakes, mochas and gruyere are all welcome.

Dried Pear Crisps
Pair with sauvignon blanc and reisling or cheeses like brie or salty bleu. Of course, vanilla ice cream is splendid, too.

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