Garden Salt Set

A salty garden party

made by Sugared Spice Shop

Garden Salt Set

A salty garden party

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This garden salts set includes 4 oz. tins of Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt, Fresh Basil Infused Sea Salt, Dalmatian Sage Sea Salt and Saffron Infused Sea Salt.

Spanish rosemary sea salt is a blend of Spanish rosemary and sea salt has no end to its uses. Spanish rosemary sea salt can be sprinkled on vegetables, poultry, roasts, pasta, salads and mix a bit with olive oil and create a wonderful bread dipper.

Fresh basil infused sea salt is perfect for sprinkling on everything from sliced tomatoes to fish to pasta. Fresh organic basil is hand-blended with coarse Mediterranean Sea salt to create this aromatic finishing salt.

Dalmatian sage sea salt is a wonderful blend of dried dalmatian sage and Mediterranean sea salt and will delight the senses with its aromatic warmth. This infused salt will add so much flavor to fish and poultry dishes. It can be used as a rub or as a finishing salt. It is also delicious sprinkled on vegetable dishes right before serving. Sage from Dalmatia is said to have the best flavor profile of the spice and is very aromatic.

Saffron infused sea salt can be used on sea salt on veggies, lamb, poultry, rice and Moroccan dishes. Saffron extract is made by hand, using the best grade of saffron threads, then infused a small grain sea salt. There is no additive or color dyes in this salt. There will be some small bits of the saffron threads in your salt. Made with sea salt and pure saffron.


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