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Gertrude's Gomme Elixir - 2 Pack | As a young woman, Gertrude de Jong, left her family's home in ... | Cocktail Mixes

Gertrude's Gomme Elixir - 2 Pack

Take it to a garden party--or cocktail party

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Made by:

Wilks & Wilson

Wilks & Wilson


Cocktail re-inventors


Indianapolis, IN

As a young woman, Gertrude de Jong, left her family's home in Green Bay, WI for Chicago with the dream of a life in the spotlight. Gertrude found her real success after marrying a big city banker and becoming known for her “Garden Tea” parties, at which she offered her homemade Gomme elixir to sweeten the tea. Gomme elixir is an ingredient commonly used in mixed drinks but it can also be used as a sweetener for coffee or tea. Like bar syrup, it is a mixture of sugar and water, but with the addition of gum arabic or gum acacia, which acts as an emulsifier. Gertrude's Gomme is made with organic ingredients and particularly shines in spirit-forwarded cocktails. Two 375ml bottles of this fine elixir included.

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$25 $30