Guest Soap Assortment, Set of 6

All wrapped up with baker's twine

made by Scum Soaps

Guest Soap Assortment, Set of 6

All wrapped up with baker's twine

$ 30

The details

These charming little handmade soaps are just the size to display in guest bathrooms, pack for trips, or give as gifts. Each of the small soaps in this set is crafted with natural clays, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. The six soaps included are wrapped up in raffia and baker's twine, ready to give. (Even if to yourself.)

Lavandula Scented Soap (1.5 oz.)
This classic soap scent is achieved through a unique blend of two Lavandula species, providing the best blend of bitter and sweet.

Country Cotton Scented Soap (1.5 oz.)
A clean, refreshing scent that evokes thoughts of open windows, clotheslines, and green pastures.

Dusk Scented Soap (1.5 oz.)
This soap is filled with deep notes of patchouli, amber and musk.

Wild Berry Scented Soap (1.5 oz.)
Sweetly scented like fresh ripened strawberries, with just a hint of vanilla.

Forest Floor Scented Soap (1.5 oz.)
A scent inspired by the moistened earth, green trees, and miles upon miles of untouched land in the Appalachian Mountains.

Honey Almond Scented Soap (1.5 oz.)
A comforting scent with roasting almonds, warm honey, and heavy cream.


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