Handmade Soap Trio

Build your own soap trifecta

made by CeeCee & Bee

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Handmade Soap Trio | Create your own 3-pack from the following scents. The cocoa bu... | Bar Soap
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Handmade Soap Trio

Build your own soap trifecta

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only 2 left

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Create your own 3-pack from the following scents. The cocoa butter soaps are intensely moisturizing, with a lightly-exfoliating top layer — perfect for dry and itchy skin. The cleansing soaps are made with organic virgin coconut oil and grapeseed oil, both of which have excellent cleansing and antibacterial properties. And all of 'em are made by hand, with only natural (pronounceable) ingredients.

Lavender Cocoa Butter Soap (4 oz.)
Organically-grown lavender can help calm irritation and soften the skin, especially when coupled with ultra-moisturizing oils and cocoa butter.

Rose Cocoa Butter Soap (4 oz.)
Infused with rosehips and real rose petals, this soap is rich in essential fatty acids — making it a great tool against dry, sensitive skin.

Rosemary Mint Cocoa Butter Soap (4 oz.)
Peppermint is paired with rosemary for a toning, toxin counteracting soap that smells mighty good too.

Lemon Lavender Cleansing Soap (2.8 oz.)
A natural soap that smells decidedly lemony fresh, with just a touch of lavender.

Grapefruit Eucalyptus Cleansing Soap (2.8 oz.)
An invigorating soap bar that's thoroughly cleansing and completely natural.

Citrus Spice Cleansing Soap (2.8 oz.)
Certainly citrusy, this cleansing soap also has a pleasant earthy spice.


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