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Herbal Bath Salts | Fit a whole day's worth of pampering into one evening with the... | Bath & Body

Herbal Bath Salts

Add a couple tablespoons to your hot bath

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Made by:

Fare Isle

Fare Isle


Island Whisperer


Fare Isle, Nantucket Island

Fit a whole day's worth of pampering into one evening with these herbal bath salts. These salts were selected for their impressively high mineral content (about a hundred of 'em, in fact). The effects are clarifying, skin softening and toning. Just add a few tablespoons to a hot bath and enjoy.

- Glass apothecary bottle
- Includes 16 fl. oz.
- Made with French Green Clay

Ingredients: Epsom salts, himalayan pink salts, french grey sea salt, bentonite clay, french green clay, organic chamomile and organic lavender.

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