Herbal Bath Set – Salts & Oil

Create a, dare we say it, sumptuous bath

made by Fare Isle

Herbal Bath Set – Salts & Oil

Create a, dare we say it, sumptuous bath

$ 55

The details

Fit a whole day's worth of pampering into one bathtub with this herbal bath set. It includes handmade bath salts and bath oil, beautifully packaged inside glass apothecary bottles. It'll arrive as a boxed set, ready to hit bath time.

Herbal Bath Salts (16 oz.)
These salts were selected for their impressively high mineral content (about a hundred of 'em, in fact). The effects are clarifying, skin softening and toning. Just add a few tablespoons to a hot bath and enjoy. Made with epsom salts, himalayan pink salts, french grey sea salt, bentonite clay, french green clay, organic chamomile and organic lavender.

Herbal Bath Oil (4 oz.)
Hand-harvested herbs (like comfrey, rosemary and calendula) are infused into olive oil for months to extract their skin-healing properties. Massage a drop or two into the skin after a shower or bath. Made with infused organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic jojoba oil, organic vitamin E oil and the organic essential oils of lavender, rosemary and thyme.


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