Herbal Cocktail Bitters Sample Box

Four blended bitters for cocktails

made by Strongwater

Herbal Cocktail Bitters Sample Box

Four blended bitters for cocktails

$ 30

The details

Made in small batches, these cocktail bitters add mystery and complexity to any home bar setup. Four different flavors infused with herbs, fruits and spices are included in this set, with different notes infused into each one. The bottles are packaged in a handsome wood box, ready to gift as a complete set.

Amores Melipona (1 oz. dropper bottle)
Named for the bee that pollinates the vanilla orchid, this herbal concoction is infused with aphrodisiacs. Vanilla, cacao nibs, grape root and milk thistle combine in an intoxicating blend.

Golden Ichor (1 oz. dropper bottle)
Crafted with purifying ingredients, this bitters is named for the blood of the gods. Turmeric, cardamom, sassafras and cinnamon make for a nuanced, spicy tonic.

Fire Tamer (1 oz. dropper bottle)
Designed to tame tummies and digestion, this herbal mixture infuses lemon peel, ginger root, barberry root, fennel and clove bud. Despite the fiery name, this mellow flavor can enhance many classic cocktails.

Sweet Riza (1 oz. dropper bottle)
Meaning “sweet root,” this cocktail bitters is filled with them—rose hips, orange peel, licorice root and yellow dock.


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