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Herbal Simple Syrup Trio

Choose your 3 favorites

Herbal Simple Syrup Trio

Choose your 3 favorites

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An inspiration for culinary adventures of all sorts, this trio of simple syrups is carefully crafted with natural ingredients in some downright interesting flavor combinations. They're just as at home in a marinade or dressing as they are in a cocktail. We'd heartily recommend using them for the latter, by the way. Choose your 3 favorites from the following flavors:

Turmeric, Almond & Rose Syrup (16 oz.)
Made with filtered water, turmeric, almond essence, rose water and date syrup. Delightful for baking, marinating and cocktail experimenting.

Fennel, Birch & Dandelion Syrup (16 oz.)
An herbal take on root beer, this syrup combines fennel seed, birch bark, dandelion root and lapsang souchong tea with filtered water and cane sugar.

Espresso & Cardamom Syrup (16 oz.)
A syrup filled with espresso, cardamom seed, filtered water and cane sugar mixes mighty fine with caffeinated drinks, whiskey or vodka.

Salted Plum Chili Syrup (16 oz.)
A take on Li Hing Mui, this syrup makes an excellent fish marinade or addition to sauces and dressings. Made with plum paste, salt, cane sugar and filtered water.

Sage, Rosehip & Elderflower Syrup (16 oz.)
Black sage from the mountains outside Los Angeles, elderflower extract and rosehips combine forces in this earthy and refreshing elixir. Equally delicious in cocktails or sodas.

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